Company Introduction

GUANGZHOU GQ FOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD is sitting in Datong Village, Dongchong Town, Nansha District,Guangzhou, close to Dongchong Exit, Nansha Port Express and Panyu Square Metro Station . We are one of the most professional manufacturer focus in research?produce?sell and service of refrigeration products like soft serve ice cream machine?ice cream pan fryer?hard ice cream machine? ice maker?juice dispensor?slush machine etc 

We put much emphasis on factory hardware investment and products craftwork: laser cutting machine?2 high precision bending machines?full automatic insulation machine?full automatic gas charger?German import leak detector etc for better production insurance and consistency. 

For a more professional and ordinary working procedures, we have implemented two assembly lines. we follow 5S and ISO9001 quality system to execute our daily production work. Position illustrations enhance our team professionalism. 

Factory management are all with more than 10years experience in this field, involving in import& export ? research and production of refrigeration products. we extend our production and service work more close to the selling distributors and users . 

quality             the foundation of existence and the spirit of sustainable management 

service            the commitment and footstone to your confidence 

team work      the backup and bearing for long term and high efficient cooperation 

innovation       the spirit of GQ food machinery and Motivity of our team 

To customer, we look for long term sincere cooperation and frankly communication . all our cooperating customers are those who witness our starting?developing and growing. more than the relation between factory to distributor, we are more like friends and brotherhood. 

To supplier, we are abiding a good ?long term?friendly?mutual growing conception and sincere cooperation.

To colleague, we are with sincere?cooperative?progressive attitude to study and develop together. we have " love fund" and "birthday part" and "monthly gathering dinner" .   

Above "quality" and "service" ?team to team and team itself , we embrace a sincere "cooperative" attitude and determination to build a community of shared destiny and interests. innovation is the spirit and blood of GQ food machinery. no matter in management or products ,innovation is the motivity of our team superiority 

No integration of streams ,can't result in seas and oceans   No accumulation of steps ,can't lead to thousand miles .GQ food machinery will always go on with "feet on ground" attitude and spirit to fulfill ourselves and greater mind to face new era changes and new challenges.



Tel:   +86 020 39096021

Mob: +86 13450429010 (wechat/whatapp)       Email:   gqfoodmachinery@163.com

Add:  No.58, First Floor, Second Phase Plant, Nanheng Industry Area, Huanshi Ave,

Nansha District,  Guangzhou, China

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